Representing 1% of the world’s land, Colombia is the most populous Spanish-speaking country in South America and the second most bio-diverse country in the world. It borders the world’s two largest oceans, and stretches over the world’s northern and southern hemispheres. Colombia is unique due to its soaring Andes, rich Caribbean delicacies, charming colonial towns, bewildering Amazonian rainforest, and lively music that would make anyone want to dance.

Top 5 Tips

Tip 1

Bogota: Discover the quaint towns with beautiful mountains and landscapes surrounding the city, such as Villa de Leyva, Zipaquira, and Guatavita.

Tip 2

Cartagena: Visit the Rosario Islands, the perfect place for diving and enjoying delicious fresh lobster and fish.

Tip 3

Coffee triangle: Tour a local coffee plantation on an open top Jeep Wrangler and learn how coffee is produced, from planting to roasting, before enjoying a tasting of freshly brewed Colombian coffee.

Tip 4

Medellin: Visit the magnificent landscapes at Guatape, by helicopter, by boat, or on an adventure trek.

Tip 5

Cali: Witness a performance of the world’s most renowned salsa show, Delirio.

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