Brazil is the largest country in Latin America, and is the world’s fifth largest country both by geographical area and by population. Occupying 47.3% of South America, Brazil borders all of its countries excluding Ecuador and Chile. It is the region’s economic powerhouse, and is home to vastly different experiences. It is no wonder that the world’s largest sporting events have chosen Brazil as its home: the 2014 FIFA World Cup, and the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Tip 1

Rio de Janeiro: Depart from a helipad on Sugar Loaf Mountain, soar over the city, circle the massive Christ Redeemer Statue, and land back on Sugar Loaf for lunch or a cocktail.

Tip 2

Iguazu waterfalls: Stay at the only hotel inside Brazil’s Iguazu National Park. This five star property allows access to the falls when the park is closed to tourists.

Tip 3

Sao Paulo: Take a private helicopter ride or transfer in the city with the most heliports in the world.

Tip 4

Salvador: Attend the largest Carnival in the world, which revolves around everyone parading and dancing, in contrast to the Rio Carnival’s flamboyant costumes and televised competition. 

Tip 5

Fortaleza:  Visit the Cachaça Museum. Set in a beautiful colonial-style building, you can also enjoy Cachaça tastings, and make the best capirinha, Brazil’s most famous drink.

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